Math 301

This is the main page for the MAT 301 face-to-face course at BMCC/CUNY, taught by Prof. Wladis.

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  • Assignments:
    • Labs: To do the labs on your computer, you need to have Adobe Reader and Java and Flash, or you need to install Maple.

      How to get Maple software (optional, free download from CUNY eMall): The labs for this course can be done using either Maple, or using online applets (to be posted here as needed). If you will be taking future calculus courses at BMCC after this one, you may want to download this software. Maple software can be downloaded for free by all CUNY students by logging into the CUNY portal and clicking on CUNY eMall at the very top once you are logged in (then click on software and on the next page click on Maplesoft software - if you end up on the Microsoft software page, just clickMore Software towards the top of the page and it should display Maple as one of the options).

      1. Lab #3 Limits, Part I (2/2/17 lab) Part II (2/16, 2/23) due 3/15/17 (hand in hard copy or email me pdf)
        activity sheet and technology tool (grapher)
      2. Lab #4 Formal Definition of Limits, (3/9/17, 3/16, 3/23 lab)
        activity sheet and technology tool (grapher)
      3. Lab #5 The derivative as a function, (3/30/17, 4/6, lab)
        activity sheet and technology tool (grapher)
    • Homework: (Due dates are listed here; webwork duedates are only the dates during which the assignments are available, but not when they are due)

        To do the homework for this class, you will need to login to

        Use the login information that I emailed to you. If you registered for the class just recently, you may need to email me for me to send you your login information.

        Start on the assignment titled Finding Limits Graphically (first try due 2/2/17)

        Start on the assignment titled Finding Limits Algebraically (first try due 3/8/17)

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