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Math Help at BMCC

The Math Lab:

You can go to the Math Lab in room S511 any time they are open to get help. You can get tutoring here, but you will have to be patient, as the tutors are usually helping several students at a time in several different subjects. You will need a valid BMCC student ID to get into the math lab. The usual math lab hours are listed on the Math Lab Webpage.

The Learning Resource Center:

The Learning Resource Center Offers several kinds of tutoring. You can take a look at their webpage at Some specific kinds of tutoring they offer are:

  • One-on-one tutoring: To sign up for this, drop by the LRC at the main BMCC campus in room S500, call the Tutor Hotline at 212-220-1383, or email the LRC at You should have your student ID and your schedule available. If you are interested in one-on-one tutoring at the LRC, it is a good idea to check out their information about what you can expect at tutoring or the LRC’s frequently asked questions about tutoring.

  • Online tutoring: The LRC also offers online e-tutoring, where you can submit any questions via email and get a response within 24 hours (or if it is a weekend or vacation, by the next day that classes are in session). To submit a question to the e-tutors, just visit the e-tutoring webpage. You can also contact the e-tutoring office by phone at 212-220-1380 or by email at if you have any questions about the program.

The Writing Center:

If you are taking a writing intensive course with me, you may find that you would like help with your writing assignments. The writing center can offer guidance in all aspects of the writing process, from understanding the assignment to generating ideas, drafting, using sources, revising, and recognizing errors in grammar and syntax.  

The Writing Center is in room S500W, at the back of the Learning Resource Center in the library.   Hours:   Monday-Thursday, 10 am to 8 pm; Friday, 10 am to 5 pm; Saturday, 10 am to 4 pm.   Drop-in visits are welcome.   For information or a conference appointment, call 212-220-1384 or email .


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Contact Information

(Please send any large attachments to the gmail address, not to the bmcc address!)

Office: N598E

Office hours:
(fall 2023) Thurs 9am-12pm
These are virtual office hours. Text or call me on my office phone (212-220-1363) during this time.

Phone: (212) 220-1363 (email is always the fastest way to reach me)

Address: Claire Wladis, Mathematics Department, BMCC / CUNY, 199 Chambers Street, New York, NY 10007

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