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Before you come to see me for advisement, you should think about several questions:

  • What courses are you interested in taking next semester?
    You can find the BMCC course schedule here, and the course descriptions here.

    If you want to see whether or not specific BMCC courses will transfer to other CUNY colleges, you can look that up here. (Although this information can change, so I recommend that you always check with the program you plan to transfer into, if this is a real concern for you.) If you finish you associate's degree at BMCC, then CUNY senior colleges will typically accept all 60 credits which counted toward your BMCC degree, even if they do not normally accept all the courses for transfer credit individually. You can read more detail about this policy here.

  • What are your academic goals at BMCC? Are you interested in majoring in certain programs at BMCC?
    You can find information about various BMCC programs and majors here. (This is a link to a pdf file.)

  • What are your longer-term academic and career goals? Are you planning to transfer to a 4-year school?
    You can find transfer information and resources here.

  • Do you have questions about any other academic or career goals that you'd like to talk about? Are you applying for scholarships or internships? Are you thinking about going to graduate school someday? Are you considering applying to a study abroad program? Do you need help finding services at the college, such as tutoring, writing help, counseling, or something else?

When you are ready, you can come to my office anytime during my office hours (without an appointment), or you can email me to set up a time.


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Contact Information

(Please send any large attachments to the gmail address, not to the bmcc address!)

Office: N598E

Office hours:
(fall 2023) Thurs 9am-12pm
These are virtual office hours. Text or call me on my office phone (212-220-1363) during this time.

Phone: (212) 220-1363 (email is always the fastest way to reach me)

Address: Claire Wladis, Mathematics Department, BMCC / CUNY, 199 Chambers Street, New York, NY 10007

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