Math 051 Online

This is the main page for MAT 051 at BMCC/CUNY, taught by Prof. Wladis.

Useful course links (you may want to print these out and keep them with you throughout the semester):

  • Important Dates:

    • Midterm: 11/15 in class--come to class on Monday 11/13 with questions to review
    • Department Final Exam (on paper): 12/11
    • Computerized CUNY Final Exam: TBA (12/13 or 12/18)
  • Assignments:
    Each of these assignments is a required part of the course. If you want to pass the class, you have to complete ALL of the different assignment types. If you skip certain catgories of assignments, you will not be prepared for the exams, and you will also get zeros averaged into your grade, making it difficult or impossible to pass the class.
  • Handouts and Class Notes:

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  • Technical Help: If you encounter any technical problems during the course:

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